Ізраїльська експертна психіатрична клініка, що надає лікування російською, івритом та англійською мовами

Why Israel?

Medicine in Israel is rightfully considered one of the most advanced and authoritative in the world, thanks to significant achievements in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. A high level of medical education, many years of experience, scientific research, and international cooperation are the components of the success of Israeli doctors.

During the period of repatriation, doctors from the countries of the former CIS, USA and EU came to Israel, who, in order to confirm their qualifications, had to not only learn Hebrew and pass exams, but also practice for many years in hospitals and clinics in Israel. For Israeli doctors, their studies do not end with obtaining a diploma or a medical license - they continue to study, develop skills, and adopt techniques during their daily medical practice.

Psychiatry, like any other branch of medicine, does not stand still: everyday scientists and doctors obtain new data about the functioning of the brain, the psychological aspects of human life, conduct experiments and clinical trials. Israeli psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists keep their finger on the pulse of the latest achievements and developments in the field of psychiatry, neurology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, and genetics.

Israeli psychiatry is an organic fusion of the world's best techniques, proprietary methods of diagnosis and treatment, advanced achievements and discoveries in the global scientific community. Not only patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former commonwealth go to the «IsraClinic» clinic, but also patients from America, Canada, and Europe. This fact is a clear confirmation that the «IsraClinic», thanks to the accumulation of the most effective techniques, is today, without exaggeration, a leading psychiatric clinic providing comprehensive treatment in three languages – Hebrew, English, Russian.

Doctors of «IsraClinic» constantly take part in landmark congresses, symposiums, and international collaborations to study the latest methods of treating psychiatric diseases and disorders. Unlike psychiatry in many other countries, Israeli psychiatry is dynamically developing science that actively implements treatment methods with proven effectiveness.

Let us note that psychiatry is one of the few branches of medicine where the fundamental issue is mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient. Due to the specific symptoms of various diseases, it is very important that communication should be in the same language: it is impossible to conduct psychotherapy, ask questions to the patient or collect anamnesis with an interpreter. Since Israel is a country of repatriation, many immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet republics, US and EU came here in the 90s. Therefore, many doctors, including psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists, speak English and Russian. The absence of a language barrier and understanding the patient’s mentality certainly help to establish contact with the patient and avoid “difficulties of translation.”

The private psychiatric clinic for outpatient treatment «IsraClinic» has brought together the best specialists in their field who speak English, Hebrew and Russian. The clinic team is a group of like-minded people who strive to give the patient the most effective treatment and provide qualified assistance.