Ізраїльська експертна психіатрична клініка, що надає лікування російською, івритом та англійською мовами

Advantages of IsraClinic

The main advantages of the psychiatric clinic «IsraClinic» are its specialists and proprietary methods, which are used only in our clinic. Doctors of «IsraClinic» are specialists of the highest category with many years of experience, they are university teachers, authors of unique diagnostic and treatment methods, participants in various professional congresses, authors and co-authors of scientific works. One of the unique methods that is used only at the «IsraClinic» is psychoergonomics - a modern approach to human psychological health, the goal of which is to achieve an optimal level of functioning, taking into account all aspects of human life.

Each person is unique in his character, habits, and inner world. And reactions to the same life situations may be different: what causes annoyance in one person can provoke deep depression in another. Doctors of «IsraClinic» understand that there are no two identical depressions or two identical bipolar disorders - in each person the disease can be caused by different reasons, compensatory and protective mechanisms work differently for everyone, the body can respond to external triggers with psychosomatic manifestations. Therefore, treatment approaches and techniques used by «IsraClinic» doctors in each individual case may differ significantly.

Another advantage of the clinic is modern pharmacotherapy. When treating patients, doctors of «IsraClinic» use the latest generation of medicines - the latest achievements of the pharmaceutical industry become available to the clinic’s doctors immediately after approval by European and American organizations under the Ministry of Health (CE and FDA). Thanks to an integrated approach to treatment and the combination of the principles of psychoergonomics with effective medicines with a minimum number of side effects, our patients get rid of depression, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and achieve long-term remission in schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, etc.

An important factor in successful treatment is the principle of working with patients. The medical and administrative staff of the clinic pays maximum attention to everyone who seeks help. In addition, all the clinic staff speaks three languages - Russian, Hebrew and English, so there is no language barrier between the doctor and the patient and there is no difference in understanding the mentality. In psychiatry, the absence of a language barrier and treatment without an interpreter is a fundamental issue.


Features of diagnosing psychiatric disorders at «IsraClinic»


  1. A feature of the diagnosis of most mental illnesses, nervous disorders and borderline conditions is that differential diagnosis is carried out, first of all, on the basis of a careful collection of anamneses and heteroanamneses (interview of the patient and his relatives), study of the medical history and previously used diagnostic and treatment methods, observing the patient's behavior and reactions, conducting tests and physical diagnosis.
  2. Often individual symptoms can be a sign of several different diseases and disorders, so the professionalism and qualifications of doctors are very important. In some cases, a collegial opinion of specialists from various medical fields is necessary: psychiatrist, neurologist, therapist, cardiologist, etc.
  3. When conducting diagnostics at the IsraClinic psychiatric clinic, the patient’s personal characteristics are considered (psychotype, events in childhood and adolescence, hereditary factors, lifestyle, the presence of stressful and traumatic situations, etc.).
  4. Depending on the symptoms, doctors of the private clinic «IsraClinic» use the following physical examination methods for differential diagnosis: computed tomography of the brain, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, electroencephalogram, blood tests, etc.
  5. The «IsraClinic» is the only private psychiatric clinic that uses a specially developed and improved method of psychodynamic testing, which allows you to track psychological changes over time and establish the current status using a combination of clinical interviews and projective tests.


Treatment of psychiatric disorders


In the treatment of psychiatric diseases and disorders, only those methods and techniques are used that will truly help the patient. We do not use art therapy if the patient is not inclined to express creativity, and on the contrary, we can recommend walks and excursions if the patient feels better from it. Our goal is to provide effective therapy in the most comfortable conditions for the patient.

Doctors of the «IsraClinic» understand that a patient who comes to Israel from another country has a limited time of stay, so examination and treatment programs are developed taking this fact into account. Such programs allow you to achieve results in a short period of time and do not overload the patient with classes and consultations.

The private psychiatric clinic «IsraClinic» offers its patients accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, comfortable living conditions and the opportunity to return to a healthy and happy life. All this under the conditions of guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity protection.